«Letter Lines» - a word game


Version 1.7

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The goal of the game - to create as many words as possible by moving the letters on the playing field. Move letters can only be on a trajectory passing through the empty cells. To move the letter click on it, and then - on the target free cell. Words can be drawn horizontally, vertically and diagonally. To enter a word, click on the first letter, and then on it's last one. The selected word is removed from the field, and in the absence of bonuses can not be reused.


Allowed only common nouns in the singular (except where the word has no singular form). Admissibility of the word is checked on Wiktionary.


Composing a word length of 7 or more letters grants bonuses that can be used for re-use of the words without scoring.


Current version contains 98000+ verified nouns.